Vixey & the damaged goods

March, 2008, Houston, Texas - It’s not all bar-b-ques, rodeos and oil drilling - there also exists the underworld of cultural unease referred to as the Hungarian Mafia. 

Left for dead at the hands of his unscrupulous high-profile attorney stepfather, a young Hungarian-American businessman, Adam Magassey; nearing his demise is rescued by an unwitting couple, Murray and his wife, Sheryl. The kindness to Adam begins an entanglement for the couple into Adam’s dysfunctional family affairs, where there is no shortage of corporate greed and attempted murder.

Adam, a young and successful yet naïve CEO of an adult enterprise, seeks to cut away from his malicious stepfather who refers to Adam as damaged goods. By selling his profitable business, Adam believes he can escape from his toxic family environment. 

Murray, a fellow Hungarian; unexpectedly finds he has more than a few things common with the inexperienced businessman and as a favor introduces Adam to the wealthy socialite, Vixey - who just might be able to help out with the transaction. 

Adam, Murray and Vixey - their lives now intertwined due to this potentially lucrative deal - not only face double-dealings from Adam’s covetous family over the business empire; but also find unexpected dangers at almost every turn. 

This new adult thriller from J.X. Alexander is now available



J. X. Alexander, has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years in both Texas and California. While working as an underwriter, living in his native Cleveland, Ohio, he was mentored by the late Peter B. Lewis, CEO of Progressive Insurance. 

The author has touched upon the story’s reality from personal experiences from his own life. Although a fictionalized work, many of the tragic events did occur in their character’s lives. 

J. X. Alexander and his wife, currently reside in Texas where they actively counsel and protect their very valuable insurance clients with proper guidance. Alexander and his wife have three grown daughters living in various parts of the United States. 

He is currently writing the second novel to this Trilogy. 


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